Monday, 10 March 2014

Les Misérables and Meeting Mark Wright!

A couple of weeks ago now, My Mum and I treated ourselves to a day in London and a West End show. There was no considering what show to see at all, after being desperate to see Les Misérables for so long!

We started our day off by visiting some art galleries as we had some time to spare before our matinee show. Despite being told off for illegally attempting to snap a shot of Seurat's Bathers at Asnières, I found it so interesting and quite poignant looking at famous artwork up close and I have definitely been inspired for some upcoming drawings!

The magical streets of London

One of the two galleries we had a smooch around!

After a bite to eat and an energy refuel, we made our way through the crowds of Leicester Square. To my shock and amazement, I saw a gorgeous, hunky and tanned man that looked somewhat like Mark Wright. After more eye stalking, I shook my Mum and brought it to her attention that it was Mark Wright! I let out a huge 'eeeeeeeep' inside and being the crazy people we are we ran after him without even thinking! My Mum asked if she could take a photo of us together, and was then cheeky enough to ask for one too! He was so lovely and even more handsome than he looks on T.V!

Photo bombed by the busy commuter!

It was then time to grab our tickets and take our seats in the renowned Queen's Theatre. Les Mis was beyond amazing and I enjoyed it thoroughly. The re-occurring enchanted music of the orchestra sends shivers down my spine every time. Oh, and I would be lying if I said that I didn't have a little weep when Éponine died. Éponine would definitely be my dream role to play, as I think she is such a relatable character and 'On my Own' gets me every time! Carrie Fletcher, who played Éponine, definitely did the role justice and you couldn't fault the rest of the talented cast either.

After a fantastic yet tiring day I was more than ready to retire home and collapse into bed! Have any of you seen Les Misérables before or are you planning to go and see it? It is without a doubt my favourite musical yet; The Lion King is a close second followed by Legally Blonde. What is your favourite musical?

"Not being heard is no reason for silence." - Les Misérables

Lots of love,