Sunday, 15 February 2015

Jumping on the Bloglovin' Bandwagon

Hello lovelies. This post was well due for as I have the exciting news to announce that Lily Rose is now on Bloglovin'! Well, it has been for a while now but let's just say I haven't been using it to its full worth because I wasn't aware of its full capabilities. Let me explain to you why Bloglovin' is so wonderful and why you should all join it right now to follow me or your other favourite blogs.

So firstly, what is Bloglovin'? It's basically a 'reader' which allows you to follow multiple blogs from a variety of platforms and read them all on the one site. A huge fan of Zoella's website? Love that girl's blog on Wordpress? Know a friend who's using Weebly but your on Blogger? I'm sure you're tired of typing the endless URL links. Well not now as Bloglovin' enables you to read all your favourite blogs from any platform under the same roof, in one feed! It's just as easily convenient and addictive as scrolling through your Twitter timeline or Facebook feed. 

All you need to do is set up an account like any other social media site, and hey presto, you can start following blogs! If you are a blogger yourself, just type in the name of your blog and "claim it" so people know that that blog is run by that account. For instance, my account is Lily Lowe and I use that to follow other blogs and comment on posts but I leave a link to my actual blog Lily Rose on Bloglovin' so people follow that and not my account. It's a bit like your Google profile and the GFC members which i will explain in a separate post for those who don't understand. Another quick analogy if you aren't fixed up on the blogging terms and think I am talking a foreign language, it's also like being a businessman and asking people to follow your business site instead of your personal profile - it just so happens you need a personal profile to run a business site. Make sense? I hope so!


  • Go to Bloglovin’ and sign up. All you need is an email address! Already nice and easy.
  • Bloglovin' will immediately suggest blogs for you to follow or you can import all of the blogs you were reading with Google reader (if you were) to your feed.
  • Next to each blog is an easy way to unfollow or assign them to a group. So you can have your favourite beauty bloggers in one group, the YouTubers you watch who also have a blog in another etc. Great for any crazy organisers out there!
  • If you’re a blogger, you’ll want to claim your blog. Simply search for it, and click "claim your blog" (Bloglovin' will then ask you to prove it's actually yours by posting a link in your latest post - nothing difficult!) Once you claim your blog, you’ll have access to all the cool shiz like your blog analytics and will also be able to get the Bloglovin' button (A.K.A the best thing since sliced bread) that you can paste into your blog template.      
Now for the part where I get all desperado on you people and BEG you to follow my blog on Bloglovin'. Just kidding,  but it would be lovely as it just gives me that little confidence boost to carry on doing what I'm doing as some people out there might just be enjoying it. 


  • And the final step is of course to follow my blog Lily Rose. Simply click here which will navigate you straight over to my blog so all you need to do is click 'follow'. How easy was that??
Thank you if you got to the very bottom of this.

Lots of love,