Sunday, 1 February 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit: Worth the Hype?

Top L-R - Sand, Vanilla, Banana
Bottom L-R - Java, Fawn, Havana

Oh yes... I indulged in the kit of contour from the one and only Anastasia Beverly Hills. Any contour fantatics will have probably seen and heard about this everywhere, but if you're not aware of this, it's basically a palette full of light and dark, warm and cool toned powders. 

These powders are best used on top of cream contour, so you can go about your usual contour routine, be it concealer, foundation or even a bit of highlight and bronzer, this will completely set it in place and keep it from slipping and sliding all day. 

What I like to do is use a light concealer and dark bronzing cream to essentuate my features and I will then follow up with Fawn (the lightest, cool toned powder) on my cheekbones, temples of forehead, sides of nose, and under bottom lip to create shadow and definition to my face. I really like this colour because of its ashy tones which makes sculpting the face a lot more natural looking.  I'll then bring light to the centre of my face like the forehead, rest of nose, under the cheekbones and chin using Sand or Vanilla. I find that Banana is great for combatting certain pink tones, but overall can be a little too strong for my fair skin and would be better suited for olive skin tones. As for the other bronzing tones, they are again a bit too dark for my fair skin and are also a bit too reddish for my liking but I think they will come in handy when my skin is a bit darker and I am looking for a more bronzed look. 

As for the overall quality of these powders, I find the blending quite difficult at first. At first application, the powder can appear quite chalky on the skin so it takes quite a bit of thorough blending until everything blends seamlessly. As for the lasting durability though, I find this really does last all day and makes for a lovely, natural looking, flawless finish. 

I'm not sure if I'll be splashing the cash for this again in the future as I do think there are very similar if not better and more affordable options on the market. I do really love the concept of having all the varying tones in one palette however, it just makes life a lot easier and would be great for travelling. 

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Lots of love,