Thursday, 9 October 2014

Glamorous Vampire Halloween Makeup Look

For a paler complection, I used Bourjois Healthy Mix as it is the lightest foundation I own.

I then contoured my cheekbones with a dark cool toned bronzer from the Sleek Contour Palette for a greyish, hollow look. I sculpted other parts of my face with this like my nose, jawline, hair line and chin area. 

I took the nose contouring right in the inner corners though and kept it strong to make my eyes look closer together and create a more evil look.

For eyebrows I used none other than the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. What else is one to do with their brows? I went for strong fierce brows but you might be able to tell that my eyebrows aren't even sisters at the moment -  as far as I'm concerned, they're just not related!

I washed Sautin Taupe all over the lid and added Sketch (a dark purple) in the outer half of the eye.

 For even more depth, I took a dark shimmery black through the crease and blended it all out with a clean fluffy brush. I also popped Trax (a light, shimmery purple with gold flecks) in the inner corner.

To intensify the eyes even more, I used the black pencil from the Maybelline Big Eyes on my water line and tight line. I then did a cat-eye winged eyeliner with the Bourjois Erasable liquid eyeliner. I also used Loreal Telescopic mascara.

I went for a dark purple/burgundy Moisture Renew lipstick from Rimmel (shade 380 Dark Night Water-loops!) and outlined them with a black eyeshadow for an ombré effect. 

It obviously wouldn't be Halloween without some gore would it? I took some fake blood and dribbled it down my mouth and faked a love bite on my neck by mixing in black and purple eyeshadows for a realistic bruited effect. 

I also added a scratch on my cheek which I assume would be from a werewolf or something if we're going by the Twilight series. I don't know what the vampires get up to these days. 

And that's pretty much it!

"You can't just sit there and wait for life to come to you. You should go get it." - Damon Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries

Lots of love,