Sunday, 18 January 2015

My M.A.C Lipstick Collection - Swatches & Reviews!

L to R - Yash, Viva Glam V, Pervette, Up the Amp, Heroine, Morange and Night to Remember


I bought this lipstick after watching a (one of many) Kylie Jenner tutorial. I would describe the colour as a peachy, more brown-toned nude so it looks gorgeous with a brown lip liner or a peachy gloss. Because it is verging on the more orange side of the colour spectrum, it can wash me out so I like wearing this most with a generous amount of bronzer and a lipgloss to liven things up. Being completely matte, this is great for muting the lips if you want the focus to remain on the eyes or the rest of the face. 

Viva Glam V

I went through a phase of loving brown lipsticks (and still do), let's call it the 'post Kylie Jenner' and this was everything and more I was looking for in a lipstick. It's definitely a nudey, bronzey brown despite the misleading photos but what I love most about this is the hint of shimmer which I personally find makes it easier to pull off. It's a Lustre lipstick which means it has this gorgeous radiance to it when it catches the light and because it's quite sheen in pigmentation, you can just swipe it on when you're looking for that 'my lips but better' shade. 


My sister bought me this for my Birthday last year (along with Up the Amp) and I was complete mesmerised by it when I first winded the bullet. Being a glaze lipstick, it has different undertones when caught in the light and it kind of reminds me of those metal rush nail polishes you get with the cool, reflective tones. The main colour is a lilac with undertones of pinks, blues and purples which makes it slightly harder to correspond with the everyday makeup look, but its one of those lipsticks I treasure because its so beautiful even if I don't wear it as much as I should!

Up the Amp (amplified)

This is the perfect purple starter lipstick for those daring to be adventurous with their lip colours, but wanting something that's manageable throughout the day. It's very much a purple, but the pinker undertones mean its not too overwhelming and it feels lovely and smooth on the lips too.


Funny story leading on from the last lipstick but I actually originally wanted Heroine before Up the Amp after seeing Emma Willis wear it on T.V. I just fell in love with it and was so sad to find it had been discontinued! Up the Amp was basically my rebound purple that I was given to get over Heroine but low and behold, M.A.C brought it back! I hope it's here permanately as I just adore this lipstick. It's a little more cooled toned than Up the Amp and the pigmentation is more intense, making it slightly trickier to apply with the matte formula (especially for tiny lips like mine!) but I think this is a great lipstick to indulge in if you're wanting something sassy and unique. I probably wouldn't get both Up the Amp and Heroine together as they aren't too dissimilar, but hey, a girl can never have too many purple lipsticks can she?

Morange (amplified)

This brings back amazing memories as it was actually the first lipstick I had ever bought from M.A.C. That and Creme Cup, which has mysteriously gone missing from my makeup drawer *wipes tear*. I got this in Florida and I had been planning my first purchase from M.A.C for a while and knew this was the one after seeing Jameela Jamil rave about it in a magazine. It was quite 'out there' for my 13 year old self at the time being a bright, neon orange but I just loved it and it looks amazing in the summer with a tan. 

Night to Remember

This cremesheen lipstick is lovely and moisturising on the lips and a classic red which I think is pretty much a staple in every girl's makeup bag! It's quite neutral, not too warm/cool making it easy to wear and great for all skin tones. I'm not too sure if you can purchase this on it's own though sadly, as I actually got it as a gift set from my friends which might have been discontinued now. Hopefully it is brought back but until then there's bound to be a dupe somewhere!

"Lipstick is really magical - It holds the promise of a brilliant smile, a brilliant day, both literally & figuratively." - Roberta Gately

Lots of love,