Monday, 1 September 2014

KIKO Cosmetics Haul & First Impressions

I've always wandered past KIKO and been hypnotised by the gorgeous array of colours and the uniformed stacks of products. I've usually found myself to carry on walking though, for no particular reason, until last week when I decided to bite the bullet and have a peruse. 

It seemed like all of the products claimed to do something 'impressive' to say the least, and what I was most surprised at was the extremely affordable prices. I managed to get all three products for under £15, believe me, I could have bought more!

I thought I would show you the things I picked up along with my impressions if you are interested in buying them too.

L-R    -    Cleansing Light Oil Makeup Remover    -    Street Fashion Eyeshadow Palette in 02 Addictive Song    -    Glow Touch Lips & Cheeks in 103 Heavy Honeysuckle

Street Fashion Eyeshadow Palette - 02 Addictive Song - £5

I was instantly attracted to the rich and luxurious colours in this eyeshadow palette and thought it would make a great staple for Autumn. The cream and burgundy eyeshadows are both shimmers and the rest are matte with a slightly creamy consistency. This means they are easy to apply and very blendable. 

Tazzy was obviously keen!

The pigmentation of the lighter colours is good and you only need a wash or two over the eyes. The darker colours however are a little more sheer and need to be built up for a more intense colour. I don't see this as a negative though, as for me, this palette is very much for the daytime and so I'm not looking anything too 'in yer face'. My only criticism is that the eyeshadow is easily rubbed off. After some heavy weight-lifting, (joke intended) all of my arm swatches were near to gone! I suppose eyeshadow isn't for arms though so I wouldn't let that put you off. Perhaps just try a good eye primer underneath. Here is a quick look I pulled together to demonstrate how the eyeshadows could be worn. 

Glow Touch Lips & Cheeks - 103 Heavy Honeysuckle -£4

This cheek and lip stain is perfect if you are searching for a natural looking blush because the subtle pink just adds a really pretty hint of colour to the cheeks. The creamy consistency isn't as heavy as a powdered blush and leaves the skin looking dewy and fresh. Perfect for school!

Cleansing Light Oil Makeup Remover

I've been in search of a cleanser/makeup remover for a while now as I'm guilty of always using baby wipes to remove my make up. I didn't have any trouble with baby wipes other than the fact that I felt like they were stripping my skin of its goodness. I only used them because I thought I was saving time and I'm lazy! The truth is though, this makeup remover from KIKO is actually a much quicker way of removing makeup because the oils are more effective (meaning the makeup dissolves quicker) and best of all, its kinder to skin! I certainly am never going back to my old ways! This makeup remover actually feels like a treat for the skin as it is so moisturising. I probably wouldn't recommend this for oily skin though because you're just adding more oils the face. I actually got this for a reduced price (around the £4 mark - amazing!) so I'm not sure if it is still the same price or currently available as I had trouble finding it online. KIKO offer plenty of amazing make up removers similar to this one though.

Overall, I think I was successful in my purchases. I hope some of you have benefited from this and who knows, I might have even persuaded you to pick something up for yourself!

"Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone." - Dorothy Parker

Lots of love,