Sunday, 16 November 2014

Hair and Makeup Addiction Luxury Eyes Kit Review

If you're one for endlessly scrolling through and gawping at the beautiful work of makeup accounts on Instagram, then chances are you might have come across the Hair and Makeup Addiction brushes. Word on the street is that Joyce Bonelli uses and raves about them, and from that alone I was pretty much sold. I got the Luxury Eyes Kit and wanted to share a review with you as well as how I use each brush. 


This brush is great for overall blending or as I like to use it, for softening contouring lines.  It's an all round good blending brush that has truly deserved it's title!


 I don't really have a fixed job for this brush. I'll usually use this to blend or add some depth to the crease. 


I'll usually follow 'the highlighter' or 'the shader' (see below) with this brush just to soften any harsh lines. Like the name says, this is great for overall blending in the crease. 


This small angled brush is great for adding some depth to the lower lash line. I'd personally like it to be a little more dense for lining, but I suppose it's nice to have some flexibility.


 I love this brush for adding depth in the crease as I find it is the perfect shape for getting in there. The slightly pointed tip also enables great precision.


This is your typical fluffy blending brush. Flexible in movement, soft in texture and a MEAN blender. 

Overall, I am really impressed with these brushes. They are incredibly soft and of a high quality for the affordable price. I would like a few of them to be a bit more dense just to enable precision in areas such as the crease and lower lash line but other than that I am a happy bunny and will definitely be buying more.

You can find them here for the great price of £27.99

"Makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident." - Bobbi Brown

Lots of love,